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What is the Best Laptop Memory – (RAM)

If you have ever been stuck with a slow laptop, you may have tried to upgrade the memory to give you a nice performance boost. Memory or RAM plays a very important role in a laptops performance, so it is critical that you get enough as well as fast memory to make your laptop run smoothly. Therefore, here is a concise guide to show you how to select a new laptop with the perfect amount of memory for your computing needs.

To buy a new laptop with the right amount and speed of memory that will suite your needs, you will need to consider two factors. The first and most important is the amount of memory the laptop has installed. This will be measured in Gigabytes (GBs), where a typical laptop will have anywhere from 1GB to 4GBs of memory.

If you only plan to user your laptop for office programs or surfing the internet, 1GB of RAM will be enough to ensure your laptop is fast and smooth. If however you want to multitask and use the programs above but also use chat programs such as Skype or MSN messenger while listening to music and or watching movies, you should be looking at 2GBs of RAM to make sure your laptop will run smoothly.

Those of you that will want to play games or use intensive programs like video or graphical editing might want to consider 3GB – 4GBs even though you might be able to get away with 2GBs. If you do go with 2GBs you might need to upgrade to more memory later on as new programs will use more RAM as technology advances.

You can get more than 4GBs of memory, but you will hp pavilion ryzen 5 5600h   struggle to use all of it at any one time so buying more than 4GBs will be a waste of money. Most manufacturers try to sell you more memory then you will ever use to try and get some more money out of you. Always remember that adding more memory only speeds up your laptop to the point where the programs you run have enough memory to use. Once this point is reached, adding additional memory will have no effect on performance.

The other factor you must consider is the speed of the memory which is measured in Megahertz (MHz). Today’s speeds hover anywhere between 667MHz and 1333MHz. Memory speed is far less important as it only plays a small role in determining a laptops overall performance so try to get memory that is as fast as you can find, but certainly do not pay ridiculous sums of money just to get memory that is a few hundred MHz faster.



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