Resin Wicker Furniture – Perfect For Your Patio

Most people are familiar with traditional wicker furniture. As a natural product, it has been All Weather Wicker Furniture widely used for many different types of furniture. What most people are not familiar with however, is wicker’s synthetic counterpart: resin wicker. Now as a person who tends toward the natural products myself, I was skeptical of the synthetic product, but after some research became quite impressed. Resin wicker is an optimal choice for many indoor or outdoor uses, however in this article I will give several reasons why it makes the perfect patio furniture.

First of all, it offers several advantages over its natural counterpart, durability being one. Since it is made from synthetic fibers that are impervious to uv rays, heat, cold, and rain, it does not crack or split as the natural wicker products are prone to do. When considering what kind furniture to put on your patio, durability must certainly be a factor, and this all-weather wicker fits the bill wonderfully.

Another improvement that resin wicker has over its natural counterpart is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. It is exceptionally easy to clean, only requiring cloth and some mildly soapy water, or you can even use a hose! Some furniture pieces come with cushions which are also easy to clean and hose off. As far as maintenance, there is none. This all-weather wicker does not need to be painted or treated, or even covered.

The last improvement I would like to mention here is that, since resin wicker is made from synthetic fibers, entire new colors are available that were never available with natural wicker! This alone opens up many possibilities, however even more exciting is that more style options are available than with traditional wicker, giving you a modern wicker look that is truly elegant.

If you have not considered this excellent option for your patio, go to the website below to see what is available in resin wicker today. From chairs of all types to patio furniture and porch swings, resin wicker offers many quality patio furniture choices.

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