High Frequency Prospecting and Cold Calling Results in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

In commercial real estate agency, many times you will see a salesperson talking about how hard it is to find and connect with new clients. They are focusing just on property owners, and they find it very difficult to locate the details of and make contact with the property owners.

It is a fact that many property investors are  Newport Residences Price hard to find; they hide their contact details inside a company structure and behind a solicitor or accountant. In other words the process of finding the details of a property owner has to go through a number of people and places. It takes time and money to get the information that you seek. Slow and steady are the words to take you forward here.

It should be understood that this problem does not go away. It will always be the case; what you need to do is create a number of prospecting systems in commercial real estate agency that can run in parallel to the challenge of finding the details of a property owner.

Here are some prospecting rules:


    1. Make it your challenge to identify and chase down a single property owner each day. Some days you will reach your goal, and other days you may not. It is however an achievable goal to pursue.


    1. The easiest group to make contact with are the property occupiers; the tenants and business owners. It is simply a matter of using the business telephone book and researching the streets in which the businesses are located. Each day you can do a group of 10 to 20 businesses in this way. It is a fact that the business owners will tell you things that you can work with. Asking the right questions is the key to the process. As you make calls, be aware of the ‘do not call register’ issues that apply when you call individuals. Do not break the law. It is much easier to contact businesses and business owners at their location of business.


    1. Ask for referrals from people and clients that you know now. Your good clients will normally be happy to share your information with others that they know.


  1. Put local solicitors and accountants into your business model. When you win the trust of some of these people, it is possible that they will share some of their clients with you. Trust is critical to get to this point. Normally the solicitor or accountant will want to know that you are a specialist and top agent before they refer anyone to you.


When you consider the position of the average business owner, they are either renting or owning the property in which they are located. They understand the local area better than you do. They know what is going on in the street and the properties nearby.

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