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Does Board Game Inventing Really Pay Off?

Have you ever wondered if inventing a successful board game, toy or puzzle can really make you anything worthwhile then keep reading, you may be surprised!

Hi, my name is Shane, and l am a successful toy and game inventor. I successfully came up with a puzzle, which sold worldwide, for several years.

Board games can make you up to $60,000 up front and puzzles, toys can make you $10,000 to $15,000 over several years. They can also make you $60,000 per year for several years, and some can make you rich! But they are few and far between?

Monopoly has made over a billion dollars, and there are plenty of other success stories originating from this concept that are making great money, today.

So…the big question is, can you make serious money from an idea?

Yes, you can but it requires some effort, and a little bit of luck! It only took me 7 tries to come up with a winner, and it is only a matter of time before l hit the jackpot with a successful board game idea.

Anyone can develop a successful idea, it only requires a little bit of positive thinking and to stay in what l like to call, “the sweet spot”. The sweet spot is the easiest, highest probably, area to stay in when developing your ideas.

Some of the things you can do to increase your chances, today are… invention ideas

• Stay with board game ideas, (this is most profitable area to stay in) and requires no more effort, than coming up with an idea in another area.

• Develop ideas around conventional board games, (conventional board games are games that use a board, dice, etc) rather than a 3-D board type structure.invention ideas

• Avoid board games that use a lot of plastic pieces! Plastic extrusion is expensive to do, and so you would need a very good idea to convince a company to fork out extra money to develop your idea.

There are several more, but this will get you on the right track. Toy and game game inventing can be the most rewarding field to work in because there is no better feeling than seeing your idea turn into a physical product.




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