Bodyguarding – 5 Reasons Why You’re Not Working

1. Weak Executive Protection Foundation

Today’s EP specialists are professionally trained. Gone are the days of hiring a big and menacing individual. If you do not have training on your resume, consider investing in your future by taking courses with one of the better schools.

2. You’re Not Conducting Due Diligence

You say you’ve sent out 30 resumes, but have had no response? Well, have you done your part and taken the time to investigate the companies or individuals to whom you’ve sent your materials? Are you certain they are hiring? Did you carefully follow the submission directions? I recently posted an ad for an associate who needed applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree. Do you know how many resumes I received from individuals who did NOT have a degree? The ad didn’t say “Bachlor’s Degree preferred but not required” (which would mean it’s fine if you don’t have a degree). Sending resumes for a position, when you don’t have the required skills, is a waste of time and energy. It sends a message that you can’t follow directions.

3. Where’s Your Tenacity?

“Tenacity” means follow-through, the dogged determination to succeed in this field. So you sent out a resume on a hot job prospect. Assuming you are indeed qualified, and follow directions well, then most important thing to understand is that executive protection is a “stick to it” kind of profession. A lot of people want to do this kind of work, but most give up too easily. You hear stories all the time about people who close protection bodyguard  submit manuscripts and are rejected-a good example is America’s #1 Success Coach and Author says he received 144 rejections before a publisher believed in him and his idea. (By the way, the way book publishing works, you can only send out your manuscript to one publisher at a time, and then you wait as many as 6 weeks for a response! Now THAT’s tenacity!) He is now a millionaire many, many times over.

4. No Network

Many jobs in this field are filled without the need to place an advertisement. Word-of-mouth and professional friendships or personal friendships can keep the opportunities within a small network of talent. You need to figure out how to develop a network for yourself. Developing a network requires research and creativity. There is something important that networking allows, in addition to access to information. It is an opportunity to showcase your personality, your people skills, your sense of humor and intelligence. These are valuable assets to securing work in the field. Let people get to know you, beyond your resume or bio. Develop some friendships with like-minded individuals without an agenda.

5. Creativity in Your Pursuits

You’ve heard the expression “think outside the box” which means, don’t think in the same old way! There’s a great story about a car salesman who worked for Lexus. During lean times, people aren’t out shopping for cars and the dealership just wasn’t getting any customers. So, he worked out a deal with a local upscale country club, and brought 10 cars where he offered patrons the opportunity to test drive the vehicles. He not only made his quota, but automobile sales for the dealership went through the roof! Think about how you can get to the people who need your services outside of the usual “send a resume.” People have resources and potential contacts at their fingertips, but often don’t have the courage to start a dialogue or friendship with someone who could be of help.

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