10 Things to Consider When Buying an English Bulldog

Many people enjoy owning dogs. Whether it’s because they grew up with them, need them for work and/or protection or just want something cute to hold and love. Whatever the reason may be, there comes a time when you must decide (if you haven’t decided already) on which breed of dog you would like to own. Bulldogs are a very popular choice among dog lovers. People choose the bulldog for a variety of reasons. They can be big cute teddy bears. They can serve as good protection. They are great family dogs and there are many types of Bulldogs to choose from as well. Among these types are English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs and a few other rare Bulldog variations. Once you have decided on which breed of bulldog you want, how do you determine then exactly which bulldog to buy?

For instance, say you have decided that you would like to buy an English Bulldog; here are some things to consider before making your purchase.

1. Body Type: There are many types of bulldog shapes ranging from stout to blimpy. Some are low to the ground. Some have skinny legs. There are even a huge variety of head shapes to choose from. If you don’t know which shape bulldog you want, the best thing that you can do is to check the AKC standard and try to pick out the one that most resembles it, but then again some people want their bulldogs to have something slightly unique about them.

2. Size: How big do you want your bulldog to be? Do you want the runt of the bunch or the big daddy of the group? When you see a bulldog you like, ask the owner how much the bulldog weighs and look for bulldogs who’s mothers and fathers are in that range. A bulldog’s weight range is wider than in most other breeds.

3. Color and Spotting: What color bulldog do you want? An all tan one, a white one with a spot on the tail, half and half or a grey or brown one? This is sometimes the most important decision a potential owner has to make, for aesthetics is almost everything nowadays. Although when you start looking at all of the cute little bulldog pups, you start to not to really care what color they are and appreciate each one’s uniqueness.

4. Sex (male or female): Do you want a little girl bulldog pup or a bully boy? Rumor has it that girls are easier to train and that boys have less emotional issues. Then again they’re just rumors.

5. Bloodline: How important is it to you to have a dog with historic bloodlines filled with purebreds and champions? It is best to look for full AKC registered English Bulldogs with parents that have championed at dog shows. When a dog has championed, he has proven to enough judges that he is close to the original bulldog standards and is ideal for breeding to keep the awesome breed alive. When you buy a dog with no papers, there’s a good chance that the dog isn’t a purebred bulldog and could be contaminating the bloodlines.

6. Breeders: What do you know about the breeders? Did they breed the dogs too early? Have they bred bulldogs before? Are they reputable? Are they a puppy mill? Are they a typical American family? Are they breeding to make a profit or are they breeding because they love the breed and aim to make the best English bulldogs they can? This is sometimes the most important thing to consider, for where your dog comes from can go a long way towards a right or wrong direction.

7. Healthy: Of course, we want a happy and healthy bulldog. But how can you tell how healthy your bulldog is going to be? This goes back to who’s the breeder. Are the puppies going to be vet checked and up to date on their shots? Ensure that your bulldog is up-to-date on its shots and if possible ask to see the doctor files of the French bulldog in usa puppy’s parents.

8. Shipping: Are you OK with your bulldog flying in a plane for a few hours and meeting you at the airport? If so, then communicating with the right breeders is of tremendous importance. The breeders may ask you a million questions because they’ll be “shipping” their little puppy to you. That just shows that they care. Some care so much that they purposely don’t ship during some parts of the year, in particular the summer months, because it can be too hot for the little guys. Most people prefer to see and hold their puppies before making the final purchase. That is the traditional way and probably the securest way of ensuring you get the dog of your dreams.

9. Age: How old should the puppy be before you bring him home? Many scientists and breeders fight over the best time to separate the puppy from his or her family. Regardless of what they say, a puppy should remain with its mom for at least 8 weeks to feed. However, 12 weeks is probably best because that 3rd month is when they can learn a lot from their parents on how to be a dog in a human world. Think about the puppy and the rest of its life and try to avoid being so anxious to get him or her that you rush things. Patience is a virtue.

10. Are You Ready to Be An Owner? Before making the final decision to get a dog you must really ask yourself, do I really want an English Bulldog or even a dog at all? This is a huge question to ask yourself.

When you buy a dog, you are saying;

I am willing to devote my life to making sure that the life of this creature is happy and healthy.
I am willing to clean up poop and pee several times a day.
I am willing to take the chance that my dog will wreck my home.
I am willing to set aside a monthly budget for the next 10 years for my dog’s vet bills and food.
I am responsible for how my dog interacts with other dogs and people.

Having a dog is a big responsibility that some people overlook because they are too caught up in the “cuteness” of the puppy. Before you buy a dog, think about the possibility of one day having to move and having to get rid of your dog and putting him or her into a shelter. If you feel that there’s any possibility of that happening within the next 10 years, don’t even take the chance of giving that dog a life that could possibly end with being put to sleep. I don’t mean to finish off on a bad note but there are many puppies being put to sleep everyday because owners don’t fully think about providing a forever home to their puppies. So please, think before you buy.

So now you have it, 10 things to consider when buying a bulldog. Now go find that bulldog you’ve always wanted and give it the wonderful life it deserves!

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